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Whether you are a professional singer, would like to be a professional singer or want to be able to sing for pleasure, you can achieve this and so much more with Maggi Ballantyne. With 40 years of live performance worldwide at a 6 star level, you will find the best possible coaching in all aspects of singing performance. The Voice Studio operates at Washington Arts Centre but students travel nationally to gain professional level teaching tailored to any age. It’s a unique life experience. 
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Maggi  Ballantyne

Who Is Maggi?

I have 40 years of experience as a singer and entertainer. With my vast knowledge I established The Voice Studio in 1999. As a Voice and Performance Coach who can sing in any style, I offer a service that teaches my students anything and everything they need to know to be either a professional singer or to carve out a voice in those who want to sing solely for pleasure.
Maggi  teaching in North East England area

The Student Experience

Every student has one to one lessons individually assessed and individually packaged and tailored to their needs in an atmosphere that brings out the best in everyone at the studio. Improvement is guaranteed. I build on your strengths and on your weaknesses. Everyone has the same opportunity – young or old - to take part in the many student shows throughout the year held in our stone built, tiered, lovely in-house theatre. You will have the advantage of recently upgraded lighting and back stage facilities as well as pre theatre dinner/drinks at the bar and private parking at the front. The shows are a great way to assess improvement and together we find your confidence growing through both the experience and feedback sessions – as well as having great fun preparing and appearing in front of live theatre audiences.
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