Learn to sing with Maggi Ballantyne, an expert vocal coach based in the North East of England with over 40 years' professional experience.

The Voice Studio : who are we?

The Voice Studio | Maggi Ballantyne outside the studio.The Voice Studio was established by me, Maggi Ballantyne in 1999. 

By the age of 44 I was already teaching a few singers, Both musicians and agents suggested I continued with teaching as I had a lot to offer - this gave me something to think about as a future career path.

Leading up to that age, my entire life was spent living out of suitcases traveling nationally and internationally.  I had moved on from being part of a band in my late 20’s and began tramping the boards as a solo act - nothing and no one would stop me doing what I loved more than anything, being a singer and an entertainer.

The Voice Studio | Maggi Ballantyne at work in the studio.I never thought that day would come where I stopped entertaining and singing, but in my early 40's I met and married the most wonderful man which took away the shine of travelling - it was then I decided it was time to stop on a high and focus on teaching others and passing on my knowledge.

I founded The Voice Studio and the rest (as they say) is history.

The Voice Studio is housed in the stone built barn conversion around the courtyard of the Washington Arts Centre.  Under the umbrella of the Arts Centre there is both food and refreshments available in the on-site family cafe bar - enjoy the facilities of the Arts Centre while you wait during your childs' vocal lesson, or even visit after your own lesson to enjoy the forever changing local artists work.

I think I've spent three lifetimes on stage compared to the average singer, so you could say I've done my time, and with the very high respect and reputation I have gained in the industry, I feel I've ended entertaining on a high.


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"What can I even begin to say about The Voice Studio, and Maggi herself? Before I joined The Voice Studio, I possessed low self-esteem and a dire lack of confidence. I considered my voice to be undeveloped and I was intensely seeking professional. guidance, to put me on the right track. From Maggi, not only have I received (and still continue to receive) an abundance of professional. help and support, but I have found a true friend, whom I can speak to whenever I like. Maggi considers us all as not only students, but companions on a personal. level, I interpret Maggi's teaching as endearing and I eagerly anticipate each lesson. Maggi has given me the motivation and enthusiasm I needed to want to learn more. Not only has my singing massively improved since joining The Voice Studio, but I have made some wonderful loyal friends. Maggi uses some accurate and quirky methods to aid us with our singing and grasping the initial. concept of technique and I enjoy being educated around this. Over the years I have grown to love The Voice Studio through Maggi herself and I am proud to say that I come back each term with an eager appetite for learning. The lessons and methods I've been taught in The Voice Studio I hope to keep for the rest of my life. Without Maggi I would not be the inspired young individual. that I am today. "

Megan Drakers - Student Singer

"There aren't enough words to say how much Maggi has helped me through my passion of singing. I started lessons with her at the age of 15, not only did she help make me a much stronger singer, but she made me a much more confident person all round. I believe that Maggi has played a huge role in all of the experiences I have been able to be a part of, for example a select few, I was a National. Finalist of the UK's singing competition, Open Mic UK, not only did I get the opportunity to sing and perform at London's famous 02 Arena but I also won the Exposure Award. I have also been a part of Sky Livings Television Show, Four Weddings, where I was featured as one of the bride's entertainment and now I'm currently studying at London's Prestigious Tech Music School.. Learning from Maggi has helped me gain so much knowledge of different techniques to use, what the correct breathing to have is, and the different dynamics there is to use to give a song more 'colour' and she even helped me to have a better stage presence. Although I know that I'm still. learning now, but to have an understanding of all of these methods and actually being able to use them in the correct way is such a lift because I have the confidence to be able to sing the sounds that I want to sing. Although I live away from home now, I still. know if I need help with anything, have a question about anything, or just want to say a quick 'Hi', that Maggi will always be there. Not only is she such an amazing teacher, but she's a friend for life too... xxx"

Ashleigh Lowes - Music Graduate - Semi Pro Singer

"After years of procrastinating, I was 35 yrs old when I finally plucked up enough courage to go to Maggi Ballantyne for coaching. I had always had a passion for music and singing but, I didn't know whether I had any potential. or ability. I can still remember my first session. I was so nervous, but within minutes Maggi put me right at ease and I knew that we had connected and that I was in good, safe and professional. hands. I asked Maggi if she could teach me to sing one song that was good enough to perform at karaoke. I was truly amazed that after only a few months I was able to perform to a live audience at one of the student shows and within two years I was able to progress to singing with confidence, professionally at parties and weddings to realise my full potential. What I value most is Maggi's unique approach to training not only the voice but, she also teaches all aspects of the craft such as, mic technique, stage presence, professionalism, styling and movement, music management, audience engagement and management, business etiquette etc. I have made friends with many of Maggi's other students over the years and I love the fact that the students are very grounded and unpretentious and genuinely supportive of each other. It has been brilliant to watch some of them grow up from being small children to becoming professional. singers and teachers in the music business at the highest level, in some cases. I will always owe a huge debt of gratitude to Maggi for finding my voice and for the immense pleasure that it has given me personally. We have also enjoyed a great friendship spanning past 15 years."

Darren Taylor - Semi Pro Singer

"I was introduced to vocal. lessons for Maggi through Newcastle University. From the first lesson, Maggi was friendly and very easy to approach and you could tell that she genuinely wanted to help - which is what you want when looking to put your trust in someone to help with your most important instrument and possibility your career path. Maggi has taught me countless vocal and performance techniques and has opened and improved my voice in many ways. I had been singing for 4 years without a vocal. coach prior to meeting Maggi, and this meant that I had picked up some unhealthy habits. Maggi picked up on these straight away and has showed me healthy ways in which to achieve my sound. Although these habits have been difficult to master, Maggi has been kind and patient - she has a range of techniques up her sleeve to find the one that works best for you. Maggi is a truly brilliant vocal teacher and I would highly recommend her whether you're just starting out or have been singing for years - she keeps you focused on singing with correct technique to prolong your voice. Having just finished third year, I can honestly say that I would have not got through my final performance without her and I couldn't be more grateful. Her lessons were my favourite part of Uni and I couldn't be happier that I was assigned to her."

Kirsty Forster - Music Graduate Newcastle Uni and Semi Pro Singer

"Maggi was my singing teacher for many years and not just that she has remained a true friend, she has helped me so much with every aspect of being a performer. She is an all-rounder and has made me the singer I am today. I would suggest anyone who is looking for a singing teacher, look no further you have found one! If you are prepared to put the work in with Maggi there to guide you then pick up the phone and give her a call, you won't be disappointed. Since leaving the North East I have worked extensively in the industry not just as a singer but as a director, from cruise ships to Theatre and even Arenas. I was fortunate enough to travel as one of 'The International. Magic Tenors' and even went on to direct and coach the sell-out tour of 'The World of Musicals' I was chosen to sing at The Royal. Albert Hall for the BBC Proms to celebrate the work of Stephen Sondheim. I recently toured the world in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Arena Tour of 'Jesus Christ Superstar ‘No matter what opportunities present themselves to me I never forget my routes and how I got there and that is thanks to Maggi, not just as a singing teacher but as a friend and mentor whose opinion I respect and cherish."

Adam Strong - Professional Singer

"My daughters have wholly benefited from the world class training offered by Maggi Ballantyne. To have this standard of coaching available locally in the north east is a real. advantage. Maggi offers fantastic facilities and an environment which encourages development and strengthens potential. Maggi is supportive, creative and professional. offering a combination of coaching and technique with honest assessment. The opportunity to learn and sing in front of a large audience has been hugely beneficial. in developing self-confidence which I witnessed when my eldest daughter attended auditions for national., acting master-class programmes. The vocal coaching directly supported my eldest daughter's interviews for University. I have watched my younger daughter improve her technique and self-confidence which has directly supported her music studies at school.. Above all the girls both look forward to their 'hour with Maggi' and always leave with something whether this be technique, musical. style, or confidence! A truly exceptional. teacher."

Jayne Carruthers - Parent

"Since starting university in 2013, Maggi has been the highlight of my university experience. I began university with no substantial. vocal. coaching and had been singing for many years without guidance. Maggi instantly heard any issues with my voice and we worked together to improve. My voice and my confidence have come on leaps and bounds from when I first started lessons 2 years ago. Maggi is not only an honest and enthusiastic teacher but also a confidant and a friend. It is dear that Maggi has her own style of teaching which is often spontaneous and quirky but it works! Maggi also has experience of the industry and is able to provide music business tips which are vital to the professional. musician. Above all., Maggi believes 100% in all of her students and that is one of the most important aspects of her coaching."

Zara Watkiss Music Undergraduate Newcastle University

"I've been doing vocal training at the Voice Studio for 3 years now, and I can honestly say that Ill be staying around for a long time. I started my one-to-one lessons with Maggi 18 months ago, but found that within a few weeks I was already learning to sing and perform like a professional. singer twice my age. That's the wonderful thing about the Voice Studio- you learn how to be a singer, not how to act like one. It's all real: the improvement is real, the performance is real, no acting involved. Maggi's coaching methods are nothing short of extraordinary and every week my confidence as a singer has increased, my voice improved, and the student shows have taken it all to a different level. The great thing about learning with Maggi is that she is passionate about allowing you to be yourself. I'm 100% addicted to the coaching. The standard of teaching is great and with luck will allow me to become a professional. singer. Maggi's not just a teacher but a great friend to me that I look up to her in every aspect because she is real.. She has already experienced everything that I dream about experiencing. The Voice Studio is the place that I have begun to live those dreams."(Sarah Martin — has several student shows under her belt and uses her talent and performance skills fronting a young rock band. She hopes to be a professional singer)"

Sarah Martin Music Undergraduate - Guildford University

"I have been a member of the Voice Studio in Washington since I was 11 years old. Now as a 19-year-old girl, I still thrive from attending lessons with Maggi although they may not be as regular as they used to be. Throughout my time at the Voice Studio, not only have I gained some of my closest friends but I have developed into a young, confident woman and value/admire the path that Maggi has taken throughout her life to be where she is now. Her manner and passion truly resonated throughout all of her students including myself. I never imagined when I started the Voice Studio 8 years ago that not only would I actually be able to sing, but that I would be performing on a regular basis in a wide variation of venues across the North East and that is all thanks to Maggi Ballantyne. With some truly 'quirky' methods to improving breathing, vocals and control, The Voice Studio is a quality school. that I would recommend any one of any age group to attend. Whether it's to enhance your vocal career or just for a hobby outside of work or school. I have so much to thank Maggi for and I really could not be more thankful. It's been truly inspirational. and I'm always coming back for more, you can never learn too much."

Lauren Doyle - University Student - Semi Professional Singer

"Our son, Callum, was Maggi's youngest student aged 7. Having now just turned 11 the progress that Callum has made has been fantastic. Because of Maggi's expertise Callum's singing ability has gone from strength to strength. This is also reflected in the increase in his confidence and performance abilities. This is particularly noted in Callum gaining several. Musical. Theatre roles the most prestigious being that of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Callum had the opportunity to play opposite Jason Donovan and to perform a duet live on stage. Maggi continues to help Callum prepare for auditions and we have found that she has a wealth of experience about the whole industry. Callum never stops singing around the house and he thoroughly looks forward to his lesson each week."

Jimmy and Karen Sadler - Parents

"Maggi is not only a well-respected performer but also voice coach, who is well loved by her students and their parents alike. Maggi offers a welcoming place at The Voice Studio for her students to strive for both excellence and creativity in all their performances. Her dedication and passion towards her students is clearly visible. The unique combination of Maggi's skills filters through to all aspects of her teaching. My daughter Elisabeth has been a student with The Voice Studio since the age of 11 and is now 16 and in that time she has gained so much confidence not only on stage but also in her normal everyday life. With the skills that she has learnt through Maggi's teaching she has had the opportunity to perform out with The Voice Studio most recently at a wedding, charity event, local open-mike nights as well as within school and we have every faith that this will continue. It is a pleasure to be associated with The Voice Studio family."

Julia Walls - Parent

"We found Maggi when I was around 12-year-old, she hasn't been able to shake me off since really! School. was boring for me, the only class I really enjoyed were practical. ones, and I went through the school. week so excited for my Saturday morning lesson with Maggi! Maggi adapts to lots of different learning types, and no lesson is the same, you learn so much technically. Maggi is inspiring to be around, and really helps you better yourself. If singing is something you have wanted to do but never had the courage to do it, be that reason lack of confidence or any other, DO IT, you will never be judged or laughed at, and trust me I've hit some bung notes in my time! You will meet other students and have some great opportunities along the way. Last year I did a tribute show at the arts centre, and this year sang live on radio... All thanks to the wonderful. Maggi."

Vickie Wardrop - Residential Care Worker, Student Singer

"An Ode to Maggi - I can't say everything I'd like to about Maggi in a small paragraph.... it’s not possible! However, in a nutshell.... Maggi is everything and more that I could possibly want in a vocal coach. She has a fun down to earth teaching style and she instinctively picks up on the best way to teach you to sing. As she said to me once 'there are several ways to skin a cat!' She has a wonderful. ability to read people and adapt her teaching to what is required. In the few months I have been tutored by Maggi I have learned so much and my voice has improved massively. She has positively encouraged me to sing things I never thought I could, or would have previously attempted. She is a fantastic person and a fantastic teacher. Whatever level you are at (or aren't) Maggi will help you progress and make it fun in the process. I highly recommend her to anyone who has a 'soul.' for singing — she will make your soul. sing better! I look forward to every lesson and leave with an extra little skip in my step."

Karen Mitchel -Audiologist -Semi Pro Musician and Vocalist

"I thank my lucky stars that I managed to persuade Maggi Ballantyne to come and give singing lessons to pupils at our small middle school in rural Northumberland in 2011. Maggi stayed with us for four years and during that time was a breath of fresh air, definitely giving the singing in our school a big lift! Maggi was adored by all the pupils she taught, being firm but friendly and helping them to achieve results they never thought they could. She was always organised for lessons, providing students with CDs of warm-up exercises and backing tracks for their chosen songs. She got to know each pupil. well and knew which songs would suit their voices. Pupils were very happy and enjoyed their lessons, even when pushed and Maggi always gave reasons for what she was asking them to do. They were aware of how they could improve and really gained in confidence. She helped them prepare songs for our variety shows and could work with pupils individually or in larger groups, achieving outstanding results with everyone. Our only problem now is that we can't find a replacement to match her — come back Maggi!"

Pat Adamson Music Teacher - Sea Houses Middle School

"Maggi was my vocal coach from the age of 12 to 20 during which time she proved to be an inspirational teacher and great friend. I truly feel that she has played a major part in helping me to become the singer, performer and businesswoman that I am today! Maggi's strength comes from her own amazing talent and vast experience as a singer and performer. She thrives on continuing her own personal learning and development keeping updated in new vocal techniques and training. Maggi understands 'The Voice' inside out! She has great work ethic, and generosity: she is always ready to impart her vast knowledge and experience to her students. Maggi instils such great trust and respect amongst all students. She thrives in nurturing, supporting and coaching them in the art of performing as well as singing to help them achieve their own personal goals. I would not hesitate to recommend Maggi to those of you who wish to develop in the art of the voice."

Ashlea Pearson - Professional Singer

"I have been taking vocal lessons from Maggi since I was 16 and even now at 24 no words can truly express how much she has done for me, both as a person and a singer. She is my voice coach, mentor and friend. Maggi has helped me grow as a person and as a singer/performer. She constantly works to help me reach my potential. I am now about to head off on a 6-month international residency contract in Bahrain. Even now after so many years I find that every lesson I have ever had with Maggi I learn something new, she constantly keeps it fresh and fun with a new technique every week! I struggle to find the words to express my gratitude and love for Maggi and everything she has done for me. She has guided me through every audition and performance. I have no idea where I would be without her constant love and support. She takes every student under her wing and treats them as her own. I feel. that in every stage of my singing career she is with me in spirit and i find myself asking "what would Maggi do" in many situations! Maggi Ballantyne is world class."

Lucie Slater (Lixie) - Professional Singer

"Since starting to sing with Maggi Ballantyne in 2009 I have greatly improved in my singing ability and I am continuing to improve with each week I attend my lesson. Maggi offers great coaching on how to use your voice properly using a range of techniques. She explains how your voice works and how to focus on the technique so that you understand what it's about. She never gives up or loses hope with her students. Sometimes it takes me a while to understand and apply what I'm learning, she will always keep trying and offering me different approaches to help me understand and to improve. On top of being a great teacher; Maggi is also someone who is easy to get along with and has a good sense of humour."

Naomi Ruffles - Student, Singer

"My daughter Abby has been a student of Maggi's for over 6 years and I have been absolutely delighted with both her progress and the standard of professional. teaching. Maggi is an exceptional person and voice coach and is so passionate about her work, a passion that instills itself in her students. My daughter has learned so much and respects Maggi like no other including me but that's maybe a dad's lot. The Voice Studio is exemplary and I heartily recommend it. Tom Wilson - Alnwick."

Tom Wilson - Parent

"I searched your name on Google and found your website it looks great! How are you?? I hope you're well I am living in Brighton now and have just finished my second year at Uni. I am studying music and want to eventually become a singing teacher. One of my modules this year was called 'Work Based learning'. I did some work experience helping out with singing lessons to young children and absolutely loved it. I mentioned you in my essay as my inspiration as you were so great and helped my singing and my confidence so so much. I just want to say thank you for everything you did."

Dionne Slater - Now First Music Graduate and Singing Teacher and Singer

"I'm feeling a very proud Mum today, the standard of all the kid’s performances at the show last night was amazing and I'm thrilled my daughter could be part of it. But most important was the reaction from Alicia, I asked if she had enjoyed it ' I loved it, I wish I could do it again but even better' she replied. Maggi has given Alicia the encouragement to believe in herself and I've never seen her smile so happy. Thank you very much to you Maggi what a difference 'Your life' is making to others. x — Carol."

Carol Stephens - Alicia's Mum

"Maggi Ballantyne helped me earn my place at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. Her honesty and determination have helped me so much to know that with hard work you can achieve anything."

Megan Laing - Performing Arts Student

"I went into the voice studio without a due. Now, I sing with confidence and a huge smile. I don't know how she does it, it's like magic."

Emily Shotton - College Music Student - Semi Pro Singer

"Maggi has been my singing coach for 5 years. Not only has she developed my singing technique, but has also been a valuable part of my confidence building. I've got several gigs under my belt now and plans to progress. Maggi's advice and experience has been so valuable to me. Before I started, I didn't realize how much in depth it would be. The more I learn, the more passionate I am to learn more. Maggi is my mentor, my friend, my motivator and a good listener. Thank you."

Georgette Farmer -  Restauranteur, Semi Pro Singer

"Maggi has been a massive help assisting me with vocal technique, breath control, voice quality, tone, physicality through singing - the list is endless. She has always given me lots of feedback to go away and work on in preparation for the next lesson. It's my belief Maggi is the best vocal coach in the North! I have witnessed her transform many people's voices and vastly improve on their singing abilities. I am currently preparing for the release of my debut solo album into the UK commercial. dance charts, without Maggi I wouldn't be where I am today."

Sonia Strong - Singer\Performer\Music Producer\Theatre Director  [Link]

"I've been studying singing with Maggi for about 3/4 years this summer. I started right when my voice was starting to break so it was tough at first to find the key and style that suited me the best, but with Maggi's different techniques and training we were able to overcome it. My vocal range has increased massively due to consistency and hard work thanks to her."

Ryan Stott - Student Singer

"After searching for a vocal coach for my daughter I was recommended Maggi and The Voice Studio through a colleague at work. On my daughters first lesson Maggi set the standards and expectations taking into account the needs of my daughter. My daughter has grown so confident in singing and gained some excellent techniques. The relationship between Kate and Maggi is one of admiration and respect. I would recommend Maggi to anyone who is thinking about starting out she is a fantastic coach and has the best interests of her pupils at heart"

Terri Ryan - Parent

"It was always my dream to be singer, and at the age of 14 I hadn't had much experience and my voice and technique left a lot to be desired. I joined Maggi and the Voice Studio and began to notice an improvement almost instantly, I was at the studio for 7 years in total. but will never hesitate to go back to learn more. I have worked professionally as a singer for the last 7 years, doing the variety dub circuit as well as weddings and other functions, worked with live musicians and musical. theatre, I've been finalist in talent competitions and feel. I have learnt not only about vocal. technique and performance, but also how to work in the professional. world of entertainment. I gained a teacher, a coach and a friend in Maggi. And through her coaching and a lot of hard work, I am proud to say my dream of being a singer came true."

Shaugn Keelin - Professional Singer

"To say Maggi has helped to shape my career is an understatement. Her lessons go beyond just vocal. tuition, Maggi knows how to bring out the performer in a student too! As a professional. singer, I continue lessons with Maggi even now, so I know I'm always on top of my game."

Jessica Irving - Professional Singer

"I've been a student of Maggi for not even a year. Maggi is the best singing teacher/vocal coach I've ever had (and I've had quite a few). She has helped me in ways in which I never thought possible from my vocal technique to teaching me about the music industry. Even though Maggi has already taught me so much, I can tell that she has so much more to teach me. Every singer needs a Maggi in their life, she's not only my vocal coach but also a good friend and not to mention, my life coach."

Amber Dhesi - Student, Popular Music Newcastle

"After years of working in the industry on ships, in 5* hotels and the local circuits, I wanted to make sure I was using my voice to the best of my capabilities and using perfect techniques and Maggi's approach to teaching has really worked for me, already I am discovering things about my voice I never knew I could do! I recommend her highly to any new singers or professionals, it's like magic."

Aimi Vaziri -Professional Singer/Entertainer

"Maggi is more than a vocal coach. She is also a very close friend. I have known Maggi for over 10 years & her approach to vocal coaching is of the very best quality. She continues to find ways to energise her approaches to vocal technique teaching while maintaining a realistic and genuine attitude towards her students. Having experienced a variety of North East based vocal coaches & their methodologies towards the voice through extracurricular & academic studies, Maggi remains the best I've ever had the pleasure of knowing & working alongside. If you are serious about the voice & the techniques associated with professional singing & performance, Maggi is the person for you."

Andrew Fletcher - Professional Singer & Actor

"It has been over 10 years since I started with Maggi and I knew from that very first lesson that not only had I found an incredible teacher, but an incredible woman and a friend for life. She taught me everything I know about singing today, and has been the main inspiration behind my career in music and teaching myself. lf you are open to learning and willing to work hard for what you love then you should look no further than Maggi. She always goes that extra mile to help each of her students because she shares your musical. passion and understands what it's like to work hard for it. I will always regard my years of lessons with Maggie as the shaping of the singer and woman I am today. I cannot praise her teaching enough and love her so much as a friend. Thank you for all you have done Maggi x"

Lee Ann Gardner - Professional Singer and Singing Teacher

"I studied singing with Maggie privately for 5 years before relocating to London. She enabled me to have a confidence in myself & my voice I didn't realise I could have, allowing me to work professionally around the dubs of Newcastle & then gaining a full scholarship to one of the UK's top Performing Arts Academies. I have since then been fortunate enough to continue my career touring the UK, working with bands and am currently performing in the West End production of Wicked. I could not have done any of this without the love and continued support from Maggie! 5 years later, still a true friend."

Daniel Hope - Professional Singer

"Maggi has been my daughter's singing teacher for about 6 months now. My daughter - Alexis is 7 years old and I can't believe the difference in her voice and her as a person. At first Maggi was a bit sceptical. about Alexis' age, (thinking she might be young) but they have both worked really hard and have got a really good friendship/relationship, Maggi let Alexis choose her own type of music she wanted to sing which Alexis was over the moon about. In The Voice Studio Maggi treats everyone the same regardless of age and this has been a real. confidence boost for Alexis as she isn't spoken to like a "baby" in her words. Maggi has given Alexis this confidence and the power to believe in herself, in which, from my point of view I can't thank her enough."

Ashleigh Howe - Parent

"It's been two years now since I started with Maggi. It's been quite a learning curve. Not what I expected. She just won't give up until you're singing the right way. The student shows have been great and you can hear the improvement with every show. My confidence has grown so much and keeps on growing. I'm now taking part in performances at school. and at my youth dub. Thank you so much Maggi for making me a much better singer and helping me to sing songs I never thought I'd be able to sing."

Simone Phillipson

"Basically Maggi has taught me to sing from scratch. I found it hard at first to change the way I was singing, but her teaching is amazing and it became easier. Now I sound like a completely different singer and it feels natural. I would advise anyone who feels they have a singing voice, or would like to have a singing voice to come to Maggi, because she's an honest teacher and a really great person. The teaching has taught me a lot more than just singing, I've been there for two and a half years and have learned so much thank you Maggi. xxxx"

Shannon McFarlane, Personal Banker and Student Singer

"I've been with Maggi for five years now and I have learned so much in that time. Maggi has helped build my confidence and I've gained a lot of experience in performance and public speaking. Maggi is an amazing teacher and will bring out the best side of each student she encounters. Coming to the Voice Studio is the best way to push yourself into being the best singer you can be!"

Elizabeth Walls - Semi Pro Singer

"Having been a student of Maggi's at the Voice Studio for 6 years now I cannot speak highly enough of the difference it has made to my singing ability. Maggi is not only a great — in fact — superb teacher — she is also a very good friend and I trust her with not just my singing instructions but in all aspect of life. She is a fabulous mentor and the Voice Studio has become a huge part of my life. I would recommend it to anyone across the ability range because Maggi's versatility in teaching can help everyone. 

Abby Wilson - Semi Pro Singer

"Every so often you meet someone who is born to teach, for me, one of those people is Maggi. The children give of their very best as they have experienced the combination of their desire to sing with the honesty, skill and commitment of a remarkable teacher".

Shirley (Abby Bailey's Mum)

"4 years ago I started vocal. lessons with Maggi Ballantyne. Since then she has helped me massively to improve my voice, range and performance and as well as gaining technique and confidence, I have also gained a lifelong friend! I try something new in each lesson and Maggi's experience and enthusiasm inspires me throughout. I can honestly say I have learned and continue to learn from the best!" 

Natalie Ferguson Resource Assistant - Semi Professional Singer

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